SEO services from a specialist based in Tallinn, Estonia

Based in Estonia, I’m best familiar with Estonian market and I’m selectively open to working with projects abroad.

SEO experiences abroad include project management and SEO work in Finland, Ukraine, Bulgaria and in competitive niches in The US.

SEO reports and consultations

SEO report is a quick overview of the current situation with a short consultation.

It does not include in-depth audit with step-by-step to-do lists.

In-depth SEO audit and step-by-step action plan

In-depth SEO audit covers all aspects of SEO – technical, keywords and on-site SEO, and off-site part with backlink strategy and step-by-step execution plan for everything.

Multilingual SEO strategy and execution

Are you thinking of expanding your website to new markets and languages?

I can help.

Technical SEO

Sound technical SEO is the foundation of all SEO activities.

This can be done as a separate audit, it is also included in the in-depth SEO audit.

Keyword analysis and content SEO

Keywords and content in SEO are similar to building a house on a sound (technical) foundation.

Keyword analysis can be done as a separate task, it is also included in the in-depth SEO audit.

Off-site SEO – backlinks

After SEO activities on technical and content side, it’s time for external links also know as SEO backlinks.

SEO backlink strategy and specific activities depend on the competition level and market – each country has own specifics.

SEO process creation

Are you looking for assistance with creating SEO processes?

I can help.

SEO strategy

Are you looking for SEO strategy?

I can help.

In addition to it I can help with:

  • Expired domains and redirects
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Content strategy, management, execution

In addition to SEO

Besides SEO I and when needed, experienced partners, can organize the following:

  • Website creation or updating
  • E-store creation or updating
  • Digital project management